Physics 717: General Relativity

      Instructor: Prof. Daniel Chung
      Office location: 5207 Chamberlin
      Phone: 608-265-3133

      Class coordinates:
      Chamberlin  2120
      MWF 12:05 PM - 12:55 PM (Spring, 2016)


policies and syllabus




Lecture 1: intro, units, galilean relativity, begin SR



Lecture 2: derive LT and begin app

Lecture 3: more LT app and force

Lecture 4: SR tensors HW2 HW2sol
Lecture 5: more SR tensors

Lecture 6: begin GR

Lecture 7: metric + Christoffel + Newtonian force HW3 HW3sol
Lecture 8: begin calculus on manifolds

Lecture 9: curves + tensors + begin cov derivatives

Lecture 10: more covariant derivative + parallel transport
HW4 HW4sol
Lecture 11: Riemann tensor

Lecture 12: geodesic dev + weyl tensor + differential form

Lecture 13: integration + more differential form HW5 HW5sol
Lecture 14: energy-momentum tensor

Lecture 15: perfect fluid + derive einstein eqs

Lecture 16: variational einstein HW6 HW6sol
Lecture 17: finish variational + begin tetrad

Lecture 18: finish tetrad

Lecture 19: Lie derivative HW7 HW7sol
Lecture 20: isometry and static spherical symmetry

Lecture 21: redshift and begin orbits

Lecture 22: perihelia precession and bending of light HW8-v2 HW8sol
Lecture 23: radar echo delay and begin coordinate singularity

Lecture 24: Kruskal and Penrose

Lecture 25: Einstein-Rosen bridge & Birkhoff HW9 HW9sol
Lecture 26: Spherically symmetric stars

Lecture 27: Gaussian normal coordinates

Lecture 28: spherical collapse of dust

Lecture 29: finish collapse + white dwarfs and neutron stars HW10 HW10sol
Lecture 30: begin cosmology

Lecture 31: luminosity distance, dark stuff, perturbations

Lecture 32: self-gravitating radiation clump HW11 HW11sol
Lecture 33: temperature, CMB, causality

Lecture 34: linearized  vacuum perturbations

Lecture 35: gauge fixing and Green function
HW12 HW12sol
Lecture 36: green's function solution

Lecture 37: gravity Wave Sources and Gravity energy-mom tensor

Lecture 38: power radiated and  binary pulsar spin up rate
HW13 HW13sol
Lecture 39: LIGO and Kerr begin

Lecture 40: more Kerr

Lecture 41: Lense-Thirring
HW14 HW14sol
Lecture 42: Poincare group and spin

Lecture 43 & 44: spinor and last lecture