Physics 721: Theoretical Physics - Electrodynamics

Instructor: Prof. Daniel Chung
Office location: 5207 Chamberlin
Email: danielchung@wisc.edu
Phone: 608-265-3133

Class coordinates:
Chamberlin 2104
 MWF: 11 AM  - 11:50 AM


Course Info
Lec 1: overview & dim analysis & begin relativistic electrodynamics
Lec 2: x-boosts

Lec 3: general boosts + acceleration transform
HW2 HW2sol
Lec 4: covariant Maxwell equations

Lec 5: Lorentz transform of fields and variational calculus

Lec 6: relativistic charged point particle dynamics + Poincare invariant
HW3 HW3sol
Lec 7: adiabatic invariant and magnetic mirrors

Lec 8: begin solving field equations with external sources

Lec 9: simplified relativistic Green's function
HW4 HW4sol
Lec 10: boundary conditions of PDEs and radiation begin

Lec 11: point charge finish and Noether theorem

Lec 12: energy-momentum tensor of electromagnetism
HW5 HW5sol
Lec 13: Larmor formula

Lec 14: relativistic beaming + begin electrostatics

Lec 15: ideal conductors and capacitance
HW6 HW6sol
Lec 16: method of images

Lec 17: separation of variables + begin conformal mapping

Lec 18: continue conformal mapping
HW7 HW7sol
Lec 19: finish conformal mapping and start curvilinear coordinates

Lec 20: spherical coordinate solution

Lec 21: cylindrical coordinate solution
HW8 HW8sol
Lec 22: multipole expansion

Lec 23: dielectric boundary conditions

Lec 24: dielectric energy and forces on dielectrics; begin magnetostatics
Lec 25: magnetostatics techniques in summing currents

Lec 26: elliptic integral, coil, and multipole start

Lec 27: magnetic dipole field, force, torque +  field due to density of dipoles
HW10 HW10sol
Lec 28: magnetostatic boundary conditions

Lec 29: magnetostatic energy and inductance

Lec 30: vector potential, H potential, magnetic shielding
HW11 HW11sol
Lec 31: electrodynamics in media + plane waves in nonconducting media

Lec 32: polarization and Stokes parameters + begin wave packets

Lec 33: finish wave packets + refraction on a planar boundary
HW12 HW12sol
Lec 34: more reflections + begin frequency dependent dielectric constant

Lec 35: resonant absorption, reflection, plasma mass, magnetosphere

Lec 36: review boundary conds and field damping in a conductor
HW13 HW13sol
Lec 37: Maxwell eqs relevant for wave guides + TEM mode

Lec 38: TE and TM modes of the wave guide + energy propagation
HW14 HW14sol
Lec 39: TM mode energy attenuation + boundary perturbation

Lec 40: polarized differential cross-section + electric dipole approx

Lec 41: scattering example + exam prep begin
old final

Lec 42: more exam prep practice problems
practice problem sols
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