Lawler Group Web Page

We are the research group of Professor Lawler.
We do research in A.M.O. physics at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.
Resistance is futile.

The Group
Meet the people behind the work. You may be pleasantly surprised.
A Brilliant Idea!
Wile E. Coyote - Super Genius
  Lighting Research
This is where the good stuff is. It's full of bright ideas. No dim bulbs here. Do a little light reading.
Space, the final frontier
Measurements of oscillator strengths for ionized metal. Experience atomic love and passion in the forbidden recesses of space.
Oh no! Please don't reap me!Bwahaha! I shall reap you!

Atomic Lifetime Measurements
Even an atom cannot escape the reaper! A thrilling roller-coaster ride of laser-induced fluorescence.


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