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There are four in-class (50 minute) exams. There is no final exam.
The exams are multiple choice, with both conceptual and short calculation problems. The questions cover fundamental concepts, crucial experiments and their interpretation, and some elementary applications. Each hour exam will have 20 multiple choice questions.

Exams cover the listed sections of the book, additional lecture material, and lecture demonstrations

Fall '05
Fall '05 Soln
Spr '06
Spr '06 Soln
Spr '07
Spr '07 soln
Exam 1 Wed., Feb 14
A, B, C
Exam 2 Wed., Mar. 14
A, B, C
A, B, C
Exam 3 Wed., Apr. 18
A, B, C
Exam 4 Fri., May 11        
A, B, C
  • Your exam score will be available online at Learn@UW .
    • Login with your NetID and password (same as myUW and WiscMail)
    • Physics 107 is listed under My Madison Courses
    • Click Physics 107 to get to the course main page, then click 'Grades' in upper left.
    • You will see your letter grade, % grade, and your answers to each question as a string of numbers, one for each exam question. Each digit corresponds to your answer to that question.
  • Please take a minute to fill out the feedback survey for the exam by clicking on 'Survey' in the upper left.

You should bring

  • 8.5"x11" double-sided note sheet (two sheets for final exam)
  • Number 2 pencil
  • Calculator
  • Your student ID number

Taking the exam

  • Pick up an answer sheet as you enter.
  • Fill in your name and student ID on the answer sheet.
  • The exam will be distributed at the beginning of the exam time.
  • You must stop working at the end of the exam time. Working past the exam time will not be permitted.
  • If you finish early, please turn in your exam and leave quietly.

Exam times

  • Student athletes with an exam conflict may ask their coach to administer the exam to them at a remote location. Consult the instructor at least two weeks in advance to make arrangements.
  • Students with special needs should consult the instructor.

Exam Grading

  • The lowest of your four hour exam scores will be dropped.
  • It may happen that you are ill or necessarily out of town or for some reason ill prepared for an exam. If you fail to hand in your exam answers during the exam period for any reason, that exam will register as a zero. One missed exam will not severely affect your course grade but a second missed exam will count as a zero in computing the exam component of your final grade. Deliberately skipping any exam is strongly discouraged. If you deliberately miss any of the first three exams, you risk the consequence of unavoidably missing a later exam. Taking an exam will not hurt your grade and of course provide you with an assessment of your learning.


  • Physics has lot to do with visualization and abstraction. Such modes of understanding are perhaps unfamiliar. Try your best and be willing to make mistakes. Physics questions very basic assumptions about our experience. Forget what you know, and start fresh. Study the texts and web pages, attend all lectures and discussions. Take the practice exams before the exam dates, and assess your performance. Most important, ask questions of yourself, of your friends, and of your instructors during lecture and discussion.


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