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Course Information

Professor Mark Rzchowski
5114 Chamberlin Hall

Office Hours
Mon, Tue 2-3:15 pm

TA Katie Kern
4559 Sterling Hall
Office Hours
Fri. 11-12 pm


Required Materials:

  • Physics: Concepts and Connections,
    4th ed.
    Art Hobson, Prentice Hall.
    This is the course text. The bookstore has used copies from last semester, probably also Underground. The text is available new or used from Amazon. This is the same text as used last semester. It's an interesting, very readable book.
  • eInstruction response pad (clicker)
    We will be using this classroom response system. UW has standardized on this system, and you may likely also use it in other classes. The class participation component of your grade is determined by using this. For more information, click 'clickers' at left.

Lectures: 8:50 MWF in 2241 Chamberlin Hall.
You may be called upon to answer questions in lecture and to assist with demonstrations.

Lecture participation - clickers! Lecture participation will be based primarily on your use of the 'clicker' above. We've used these before, and they make lectures much more fun. We will have several interactive questions during each lecture to help you evaluate your understanding of the material. You get credit for every question you answer with your clicker - it doesn't matter whether you get it right or wrong.

Homework: Part of the HW will use an online HW system, WileyPLUS (link in the black banner at top). There is no cost to you for using the system this semester. There will be short assignments most weeks, due Thursday midnite. The book referred to at the HW site is NOT the course text, but is one that has some appropriate HW problems. We will use the Hobson book (above) as the course text.

Exams: Four in-class hour exams, NO final exam.
Lowest exam score will be dropped.
Hour Exam #1: Wed. Feb. 14
Hour Exam #2: Wed. Mar. 14
Hour Exam #3: Wed. Apr. 18
Hour Exam #4 : Fri. May 11

Essay: A typed essay on one of several topics related to the course is required as described here.
Wed. Mar. 28: essay topic and descriptive paragraph due in class.
Fri. Apr. 13: essay outline and reference to published article due in class.
Wed. May. 2: completed essay is due in class.

Discussion Sections: Discussion sections are once per week on Mondays or Tuesdays. They are very useful for help on lecture topics, HW, exam preparation, and the course essay.
Discussion sections start week of Jan. 29 (2nd week of classes)

Sec 301 11:00 AM M 2108 Chamberlin      
Sec 302 1:20 PM M 2108 Chamberlin      
Sec 303 2:25 PM M 2108 Chamberlin Sec 306 11:00 AM T 2120 Chamberlin

Lecture participation contributes 5%
Discussion contributes 5%
Homework contributes 5%
Essay contributes 10%
Each of three exams not dropped contributes 25%


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