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With some browser/computer combinations, clicking on the review qustions link gives only a yellow box instead of questions. I tried a few computers and have seen the problem on some installations of Internet Explorer, but all versions of Netscape I've tried seem to work fine. So I would suggest using Netscape.

Hour Exam 1 online review questions
Chapter 3 quiz Chapter 4 quiz Chapter 5 quiz Chapter 6 quiz

Hour Exam 2 online review questions
Chapter 8 quiz Chapter 9 quiz Chapter 10 quiz Chapter 11 quiz

Hour Exam 3 online review questions
Chapter 13 quiz Chapter 14 quiz Addl Lect Mat quiz Chapter 15 quiz

Chapter 18
Chapter 18 quiz      

If you just can't get the online version to work, here are the quizs pasted into pdf format.
A little messy, but readable (use adobe acrobat).
It's much more effective to do it online, so do that if you can.
Hour Exam 1: Chap3, Chap4, Chap5, Chap6

Hour Exam 2: Chap8, Chap9, Chap10, Chap11
Hour Exam 3: Chap13, Chap14, Xtra, Chap15
Chapter 18: Chap18


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