The Madison String Theory Group will be hosting The Great Lake Strings Conference 08 on April 26-27.


The goal of the Great Lake Strings Conference is to bring together all researchers working on string theory at institutions in the great lakes area. We interpret this geographical area rather broadly, from Toronto to Kentucky, and from Wisconsin to Penn State. We are trying to reach all string theorists in this area. We anticipate a leisurely schedule of talks, following the format of the previous Great Lake Strings Conference held at the University of Michigan. Students and postdocs are particularly encouraged to participate.


Talks will be held at Lecture Hall 2241 in Chamberlin Hall which is located at the north-east corner of University Avenue and Charter Street. The best way to find room 2241 is to enter the building through the main entrance on the University Avenue side. Room 2241 is immediately across the main lobby on entrance level.


We have received funding for the conference from the Graduate School of the University of Wisconsin. As a result, there will be no registration fee. We will be able to cover coffee breaks and hotel accommodation for invited participants. We anticipate our support should be sufficient to cover postdocs and students as well. However, we ask that participants cover travel and meals themselves.

On-line registration form:

Registration is closed as of April 16. Participants who have yet to register are welcome to make his/her own hotel arrangement and participate in the workshop.

Schedule of Talks

All talks will be 30 minutes in length (25 minutes + 5 minutes for questions). Click here to see the schedule.

Information about Madison for the Workshop Participants

Confirmed participants so far (and title of talk if available):

Philip Argyres (Cincinnati) "String realization of 4-d N=2 S-duality"
Konstantin Bobkov (Michigan)"Moduli Stabilization and Supersymmetry Breaking in M-theory on G2 Manifolds"
Alejandra Castro (Michigan) "String theory effects on 5D black strings"
Borun Chowdhury (Ohio State) "Radiation from the non-extremal fuzzball"
Sera Cremonini (Michigan) "AdS/CFT and Bubbling Geometries: Going Beyond the 1/2 BPS Sector"
Sumit Das (Kentucky) "Time-dependent background in AdS/CFT"
Shiying Dong (UIUC) "Topological entanglement entropy in Chern-Simons theory"
Ian Ellwood (Kentucky) "Observables in string field theory and the closed string tadpole"
Archisman Ghosh (Kentucky)
Jaume Gomis (Perimeter) "Nonlocal gauge theory operators and holography"
Josh Guffin (UIUC) "A-twisted Landau-Ginzburg models"
Min-xin Huang (CERN)
Riei Ishizeki (Purdue)
Mark Jackson (Fermilab) "Detecting Cosmic Superstrings"
Martin Kruczenski (Purdue) "Spiky strings, light-like Wilson loops and a pp-wave anomaly"
Hong Liu (MIT) "Causality Violation and Viscosity Bound"
Samir Mathur (Ohio State) "How fuzzballs resolve the information paradox"
Jock McOrist (Chicago) "(0,2) Correlators from the Coulomb branch"
Willie Merrell (Kentucky) "T-duality in Generalized Kahler Geometry"
Peter Moomaw (Cincinnati) "Strings and meson melting"
JaeHyuk Oh (Kentucky)
Leo Pando-Zayas (Michigan) "On Scattering Amplitudes in Nonconformal Theories"
Alfred Shapere (Kentucky & IAS) "Central Charges of 4D Superconformal Field Theories"
Savdeep Sethi (Chicago) "Non-supersymmetric string theory"
Mikhail Shifman (Minnesota) "Heterotic strings as solitons in N=1 super-Yang-Mills"
Julian Sonner (Cambridge) "Supersymmetry and Berry Phase of Branes"
Alin Tirziu (Purdue) "Circular Wilson Loop and the dual open string solution at 1-loop in strong coupling"
Scott Watson (Michigan) "Cosmological Moduli, Dark Matter, and Possible Implications for the LHC"
John Wittig (Cincinnati) "S-duality and new N=2 SCFT's"

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Heng-Yu Chen, Aki Hashimoto, Peter Ouyang, Gary Shiu