November 3, 2007
University of Wisconsin-Madison Physics Department
2241 Chamberlin Hall, 1150 University Ave., Madison, WI 53706

Participating groups:

Chin (University of Chicago)
DeMarco, Lev (University of Illinois)
Lafyatis (Ohio State)
Bali (Miami)
Lu (Argonne)
Raithel (University of Michigan)
Rabchuk (Western Illinois University)
Saffman, Walker, Yavuz (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Nguyen (UW-Stevens Point)
Brandenburger (Lawrence)

Industry: R. S. Williamson (AlfaLight), J. Sebby-Strabley (Honeywell)


8:30 Registration
9:00  Session I-Mark Saffman (Wisconsin) presiding

9:00 Jeffrey Guest, Argonne
       Laser Trapping of Radium and Progress Towards an EDM Search.
9:20 Jennifer Strabley, Honeywell
      A double well lattice for dynamically manipulating pairs of cold atoms
9:40 Deniz Yavuz, UW-Madison 
     Refractive Index Enhancement in Atomic Vapors
10:00 Raithel Group, Michigan
     Double-resonance spectroscopy in systems interacting Rydberg-atom systems

10:20 Break

10:40 Session II-Deniz Yavuz (Wisconsin) presiding

10:40 Lafyatis group, Ohio State
     Cold atom optics and atom chips using evanescent waves of planar optical waveguides
11:00 Samir Bali, Miami University
     Investigation of photon and atom transport in cold atoms using intensity correlation measurement
11:20 Todd Johnson, UW-Madison
     Rabi flopping to Rydberg states
11:40 DeMarco group|

12:00 Lunch-Jerk Chicken&Tofu, Pizza

1:00 Lab Tours

2:30 Session III-Samir Bali (Alfalight) presiding

2:30  Benjamin Lev
     Toward ultracold dipolar matter
2:50 Chin group
3:20 Hai Nguyen, UW-Stevens Point
      Coherent Laser Matter Interactions: An experimental progress
3:40 Jason Day, UW-Madison
      Non-degenerate four-wave mixing using Rydberg states

4:00 Poster Session

Parking is available at the hotels and free parking is available the day of the workshop in Lot 22 – located at 1220 W. Johnson Street (across University Avenue from Chamberlin Hall).

Hotel Info:
We have reserved 20 rooms at the Lowell Center on the UW campus. The rate is $62/night. To reserve, contact Christi Sommerfeld and give your name, institution, and nights of stay.

$15: covers lunch and breaks. Payment for hotel rooms will be collected with registration.


Thad Walker,
Mark Saffman,
Deniz Yavuz,

primary contact: Thad Walker,