Ultra-Violet Light
(Sometimes called Black Light)

Ultra-Violet light makes things glow.
Its called fluorescence.

A Slinky illuminated with white and U-V light.
White Light Ultra Violet Light


Have you heard of laundry detergents that make your clothes "white and bright?"

they put stuff in the detergent that glows under ultra-violet light!!!!
Ultra Violet


Some rocks under ultra-violet light.



Teeth glow  .  .  .


.  .  .  and, as you can see,

so do Roger's contact lenses!!!!!


You've probably heard of fluorescent lights. Well, now you know what makes them light. The bulb contains a gas that emits ultra-violet (UV) light when it is turned on.  That UV light makes the coating on the glass glow. And, if you've seen the inside of a tanning booth, you'll probably notice that those bulbs they use, look a lot like fluorescent light bulbs. Well, they are, they just use a different type of glass - one that lets the UV light through.


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