Hole in the Bucket Questioning


This questioning would take place after the students saw the demonstration.


Q:  What happened when you pointed the laser pointer into the hole in the bottle?

A:  “the light went through the hole and followed the water down.”


Q:  How does this compare to what happened when we used a flashlight?

         A:  “the light just spread out in all directions.”


Q:  How would the behavior of a laser light be useful in the real world?

A:  “they could use it to direct the light exactly where they want it to go like for medical purposes.”


Q:  What if you don’t have a fluid involved, how else could you get the light to bend?

         A:  “use mirrors to direct the light.”


Q:  Why would this work?

A:  “because mirrors reflect light, you just have to move the mirrors at the right angle to get the light to move where you want it to go.”