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More Wonders of Physics Activities
Check out these links to find out more about what else we do.

In the News - Articles about Wonders of Physics

Just for Kids - Experiments to try at home

Annual Public Presentation - Held each year in February in Chamberlin Hall. Free tickets are available starting in January.

Saturday Workshop Series at Space Place - 1st Saturday of the Month at Space Place on Park Street - Upcoming Schedule

Teacher Resources & Workshops - Information on Summer Workshops for teachers, books, DVDs, and Teacher's Guide to the Traveling Show.
Integration Bee - University students solve integrals in front of an audience and compete for a $100 prize. Annual competition is held in March.

Physics Fair - Physics Department open house. Fun activities for kids & parents, laboratory tours, and conversations with scientists.

Fusion Science Theater - A collaborative effort between scientists and artists that uses theater as a means to teach science.

Programs around campus that we participate in:
Check out our Science Links to see what else is going around UW and beyond.

Center for Magnetic Self-Organization (CMSO) - Plasma research center located at UW-Madison. The Wonders of Physics is sponsored and supported by the CMSO.

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This page updated on September 26, 2007