Magdeburg Hemispheres
Are you stronger than the air?
Magdeburg Hemispheres
Summer Teacher Workshop

Middle School Science Teachers
June 18-22, 2007

UW-Madison, Dept. of Physics &
Edgewood College, Office of Science Outreach
Making Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream
Making Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Physics Lessons (downloads in pdf format) Diffraction Glasses
Using diffraction gratings to veiw atomic spectra.
  • How People Learn
  • Scientific Inquiry
  • What the Teacher Does Really Matters
    • Questioning (HRASE)
Guest Lectures
  • Chaos and Complex Systems, Prof. Clint Sprott
  • The Dynamo Experiment, Prof. Cary Forest

Schedule (pdf)
Building classroom demonstrations.

Projects & Lesson Plans

Mystery Boxes
  • Motors
String Racer

Wilberforce Pendulum       Chaotic Pendulum
Newton's Cradle
Inertia Block Construction
Ballon in a Bottle
  • Magnetic Newton's Cradle
Magnetic Newton's Cradle

Color Wheel

Participants Contact Info

Sarah Alme, Prairie View MS,
Katie Grundahl, Waunakee MS,
Rachael Lancor, UW-Madison,
David Matthews, DeForest MS,
Denise McCulley, Eagle School,
Debra Pfab, SS Andrew-Thomas,
Amy Schiebel, Edgewood College,
Dan Toomey, Edgewood Campus School,
Holly Tourdot, Blessed Sacrament School,
Mimi Wagner, Wisconsin Heights MS,

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