Details, Details, Details  .  .  .

Well, since you've come this far, we're guessing that you'd like a Wonders of Physics show.

First off, let's make it clear that we want to present the Wonders of Physics!  So, the question is, can we do it?

Well, we need to comply within the constraints of economic and space-time parameters.  In English?  We both need to agree on three things:  time, location, and money.  If we can easily agree on two, we can possibly negotiate the third.


Check our upcoming schedule, determine a few possible dates, and contact_us.  We can always make the date tentative.  Once you're on our schedule, we can work on the other two.


If you are in Wisconsin or upstate Illinois.

You are a "local," which makes it easier to agree on the other two

If you are from "away."

If you don't live in Wisconsin, you may be wondering how we end up presenting shows far from Wisconsin.

Here are four ways:

Talk_to_us!  Let's see what we can do!


We don't want lack of money to get in the way of putting on a show.  However, the Wonders of Physics Traveling Show does subsist in part on donations from shows, which go towards

--paying for consumables used during the show
--maintaining demonstrations in safe and usable conditions
--developing new demonstrations for future shows
--allowing us to answer any questions you (or your students) send us any time after a show
--transportation to schools
Even if money is tight, please write.  Maybe we_can_negotiate!


So, if you'd like us to come to you, and you're thinking that it'd never happen because of .  .  .  [put your reason here]  .  .  .  , think again!

Now, once everything's set, we'll need you to prepare for our arrival.

Rachael Lancor
Outreach Coordinator
University of Wisconsin-Madison
1150 University Ave.
Madison, WI 53706

(608) 262-2927
(608) 262-7205 fax

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