Just for Kids

Experiments to Try at Home

Build your own Roller Coaster
Spin like an Ice Skater
Reaction Time
Random Walk
Home Meteorology
Vortex in a Bottle
Smoke Rings
Collapse a Can

The Doppler Effect
Build a String Telephone
Make a Pinhole Camera
Science of Bubbles
Measure the Speed of Light

Plasma Ball Experiments
Static Electricity
Build an Electromagnet
Fusion Cookies

Download printable version of Home Experiments (pdf)
Also see Prof. Shakashiri's Home Chemistry Experiments

Check out our Science Links for other UW Science Outreach Programs

Workshops at UW Space Place

Kids ages 5-10 and their familes are invited to attend - FREE of charge!
The workshops feature fun physics experiements and activities - a different topic each month!

Upcoming Workshops: 10:00 - 11:00 am

2011 Wonders of Physics workshop dates TBA.
Workshops take place each saturday, with a variety of science topics. Visit the Space Place website for a list of upcoming topics.

All workshops will be held at:
UW Space Place
2300 S. Park Street
Madison, Wisconsin 53713

Wonders of Physics
University of Wisconsin
1150 University Ave
Madison, WI 53706

(608) 262-2927
(608) 262-7205 fax

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