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Frequently asked questions about scheduling a Wonders of Physics show:

What is a Wonders of Physics Show?

A Wonders of Physics show is a 45-60 minute physics demonstration show, featuring fun, engaging, and educational demonstrations that are great for students and adults of all ages. Shows cover a broad range of physics topics, including motion, heat, light, sound, electricity, and magnetism. Audience participation is encouraged!

How much does it cost?

We are a grant funded, non-profit program. We try to cover our costs for each show, which includes vehicle rental, vehicle fuel, and supplies used in the show. For the Madison area (up to a 1-hour drive), we ask for a suggested donation of $200 for the first show and $75 for each additional show on the same day. For more distant locations, additional travel costs will be added. Contact us to find out exactly how much the donation would be to cover travel costs.

How many students can see a show?

We can present a show for up to 300 students, depending on your facilities. School gymnasiums and auditoriums typically make for good venues. We can present multiple shows in one day to include more students.

For what grade level is Wonders of Physics best?

Wonders of Physics shows are great for all grade levels. The show presenter will tailor the show to your students' grade level(s). Grouping similar grade levels will allow for the best possible experience.

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