Jim Reardon's

Traveling Show

Upcoming events:  2007 Integration Bee, 7 pm Thursday May 3, 1300 Sterling Hall (preliminary round)
                                                                      7 pm Thursday May 10, 1300 Sterling Hall (finals)


Have you ever . . .

. . . raced a cow?
. . . put on a show?
Wonders Setup

just the cow

. . . gone cuckoo for calculus?
Integration Bee
. . . painted Wisconsin red?
Visited counties

Download talks:

an overview of the Physics of Running (UW Chaos and Complex Systems Seminar, May 2005, pdf format, 4.8 MB).

an inquiry into the relevance of Central Force Motion to the physics of running (UW Chaos and Complex Systems Seminar,  May 2006, ppt format, 1.3 MB)

a summary of measurements of Ion Heating on the Madison Symmetric Torus (National Society of Black Physicists, February 2006, pdf format, 2.9 MB).

lessons learned about Physics Outreach from the Wonders of Physics Traveling Show (UW Physics Department special seminar, 3/21/06, 428 kB)

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Birefringence (58 seconds)

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