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MAD-TH-02-1 hep-th/0208163 B. R. Greene, K. Schalm, G. Shiu On the Hagedorn behaviour of pp-wave strings and N = 4 SYM theory at finite R-charge density
MAD-TH-02-2 hep-th/0210313 G. Shiu Tachyon dynamics and brane cosmology
MAD-TH-02-3 hep-th/0212144 R. Rabadan, G. Shiu (Re)constructing dimensions
MAD-TH-02-4 hep-th/0212177 M. Cvetic, I. Papadimitriou, G. Shiu Supersymmetric three family SU(5) grand unified models from type IIA orientifolds with intersecting D6-branes
MAD-TH-03-1 astro-ph/0305193 D. Chung, G. Shiu, M. Trodden Running of the scalar spectral index from inflationary models
MAD-TH-03-2 hep-ph/0311228 G. Shiu, L. Wang D-Matter
MAD-TH-03-3 hep-th/0311103 K. Landsteiner, C. I. Lazaroiu, R. Tatar Puzzles for matrix models of chiral field theories
MAD-TH-03-4 hep-th/0311258 S. Chiantese, A. Klemm, I.Runkel Higher order loop equations for A_r and D_r quiver matrix models
MAD-TH-03-5 hep-th/0312085 M. Aganagic, R. Dijkgraaf, A.Klemm, M. Marino, C.Vafa Topological strings and integrable hierarchies
MAD-TH-03-6 hep-th/0312286 C. I. Lazaroiu On the boundary coupling of topological Landau-Ginzburg models
MAD-TH-03-7 hep-th/0401164 K. Schalm, G. Shiu, J.P. van der Schaar Decoupling in an expanding universe: boundary RG-flow affects initial conditions for inflation
MAD-TH-03-8 Conference Proceedings G. Shiu Probing Strings from the Sky
MAD-TH-04-1 hep-th/0401197 A. Hashimoto, L. Pando Zayas Correspondence principle for black holes in plane waves
MAD-TH-04-2 hep-th/0402110 M. Herbst, C. I. Lazaroiu, W. Lerche Superpotentials, A-infinity relations and WDVV equations for open topological Strings
MAD-TH-04-3 hep-th/0404184 M. Herbst, C. I. Lazaroiu Localization and traces in open-closed topological Ladau-Ginzburg models
MAD-TH-04-4 hep-th/0404229 D. Cremades, L.E. Ibanez, F. Marchesano Computing Yukawa couplings from magnetized extra dimensions
MAD-TH-04-5 hep-th/0405138 M. Herbst, C. I. Lazaroiu, W. Lerche D-brane effective action and tachyon condensation in topological minimal models
MAD-TH-04-6 hep-th/0411080 F. Marchesano, G. Shiu, L.-T. Wang Model building and phenomenology of flux-induced supersymmetry breaking on D3-branes
MAD-TH-04-7 hep-th/0411217 B.R. Greene, K. Schalm, G. Shiu, J.P. van der Schaar Decoupling in an expanding universe: backreaction barely constrains short distance effects in the CMB
MAD-TH-04-8 hep-th/0408059 F. Marchesano, G. Shiu MSSM vacua from flux compactifications
MAD-TH-04-9 hep-th/0409132 F. Marchesano, G. Shiu Building MSSM flux vacua
MAD-TH-04-10 hep-th/0410018 A. Klemm, M. Kreuzer, E. Riegler, E. Scheidegger Topological string amplitudes, complete intersection Calabi-Yau spaces and threshold corrections
MAD-TH-04-11 hep-th/0410123 A. Hashimoto, K. Thomas Dualities, twists, and gauge theories with non-constant non-commutativity
MAD-TH-04-12 hep-th/0411205 V. Balasubramanian, D. Berenstein, B. Feng, M. Huang D-branes in Yang-Mills theory and the combinatorial emergence of gauge symmetries
MAD-TH-04-13 hep-th/0501086 I. Ellwood Relating branes and matrices
MAD-TH-04-14 hep-th/0501141 A. Hashimoto, M. Huang, A. Klemm, D. Shih Open/closed string duality for topological gravity with matter
MAD-TH-04-15 hep-th/0412288 K. Schalm, G. Shiu, J.P. van der Schaar The cosmological vacuum ambiguity, effective actions, and transplanckian effects in Inflation
MAD-TH-04-16 Conference Proceedings G. Shiu Inflation as a probe of trans-Planckian physics: A brief review and progress report
MAD-TH-05-1 hep-th/0502095 R. Blumenhagen, M. Cvetic, F. Marchesano, G. Shiu Chiral D-brane models with frozen open string moduli
MAD-TH-05-2 hep-th/0502005 R. Blumenhagen, M. Cvetic, P. Langacker, G. Shiu Towards realistic intersecting D-brane models
MAD-TH-05-3 astro-ph/0503458 B.R. Greene, K. Schalm, J.P. van der Schaar, G. Shiu Extracting New Physics from the CMB
MAD-TH-05-4 hep-th/0506179 J. Gomis, F. Marchesano, D. Mateos An Open String Landscape
MAD-TH-05-5 hep-th/0508229 D. Chialva, G. Shiu, B. Underwood Warped Reheating in Multi-Throat Brane Inflation
MAD-TH-05-6 hep-th/0509040 M. Gaberdiel, A. Klemm, I. Runkel Matrix model eigenvalue integrals and twist fields in the SU(2)-WZW model
MAD-TH-05-7 hep-th/0511197 A. Hashimoto, K. Thomas Non-commutative gauge theory on D-branes in Melvin Universes
MAD-TH-05-8 hep-th/0512217 I. Ellwood, A. Hashimoto Open/closed string duality for FZZT branes in c=1
MAD-TH-05-9 hep-th/0512227 A. Klemm and M. Marino Counting BPS states on the Enriques Calabi-Yau
MAD-TH-05-10 Conference Proceedings G. Shiu Towards Realistic Flux Vacua
MAD-TH-06-1 hep-th/0602038 J. Maiden, G. Shiu, B. Stefanski D-brane Spectrum and K-theory Constraints of D=4, N=1 Orientifolds
MAD-TH-06-2 hep-th/0602241 I. Benmachiche, T. W. Grimm Generalized N = 1 Orientifold Compactifications and the Hitchin functionals
MAD-TH-06-3 hep-th/0605045 X. Chen, M. Huang, S. Kachru, G. Shiu Observational Signatures and Non-Gaussianities of General Single Field Inflation
MAD-TH-06-4 hep-th/0605189 S. Kecskemeti, J. Maiden, G. Shiu, B. Underwood DBI Inflation in the Tip Region of a Warped Throat
MAD-TH-06-5 hep-th/0605195 M. Huang, A. Klemm Holomorphic Anomaly in Gauge Theories and Matrix Models
MAD-TH-06-6 hep-th/0606142 I. Ellwood, M. Schnabl Proof of vanishing cohomology at the tachyon vacuum
MAD-TH-06-7 hep-th/0607135 I. Ellwood, A. Hashimoto Effective descriptions of branes on non-geometric tori
MAD-TH-06-8 hep-th/0610151 G. Shiu, B. Underwood Observing the Geometry of Warped Compactification via Cosmic Inflation
MAD-TH-06-9 hep-th/0610235 M. Huang, G. Shiu The Inflationary Trispectrum for Models with Large Non-Gaussianities
MAD-TH-06-10 hep-th/0611232 H. Davoudiasl, S. Sarangi, G. Shiu Quantum Sampling in the Landscape during Inflation
MAD-TH-06-11 hep-th/0607100 M. Aganagic, V. Bouchard and A. Klemm Topological Strings and (Almost) Modular Forms
MAD-TH-06-12 hep-th/0612125 M. Huang, A. Klemm and S.Quakenbush Topological String Theory on Compact Calabi-Yau: Modularity and Boundary Conditions
MAD-TH-06-13 hep-th/0611277 S. Sarangi, K. Schalm, G. Shiu, J.P. van der Schaar Exact spectrum of scalar field perturbations in a radiation deformed closed de Sitter universe
MAD-TH-06-14 hep-th/0703088 O. DeWolfe, L. McAllister, G. Shiu, B. Underwood D3-brane Vacua in Stabilized Compactifications
MAD-TH-06-15 hep-th/0612100 I. Ellwood NS-NS fluxes in Hitchin's generalized geometry
MAD-TH-07-01 hep-th/0702030 O. Ganor, A. Hashimoto, S. Jue, B. S. Kim, N. Ndirango Aspects of Puff Field Theory
MAD-TH-07-02 0704.1124 [hep-th] D. Dhokarh, A. Hashimoto, and S. Haque Non-commutativity and Open String Dynamics in Melvin Universes
MAD-TH-07-03 A. Klemm, R. Pandharipande Enumerative geometry of Calabi-Yau 4-folds
MAD-TH-07-04 hep-th/0702187 T. W. Grimm, A. Klemm, M. Marino, M. Weiss Direct Integration of the Topological String
MAD-TH-07-05 0704.2440 [hep-th] M. Huang, A. Klemm, M. Marino and A. Tafanvar Black Holes and Large Order Quantum Geometry
MAD-TH-07-06 0705.0013 [hep-th] I. Ellwood Rolling to the tachyon vacuum in string field theory
MAD-TH-07-07 0705.3253 [hep-th] T. W. Grimm Non-Perturbative Corrections and Modularity in N=1 Type IIB Compactifications
MAD-TH-07-08 0705.4097 [hep-ph] G. Shiu, B. Underwood, D.G.E. Walker, K.M. Zurek Probing the Geometry of Warped String Compactifications at the LHC
MAD-TH-07-09 0708.4375 [hep-th] S. Sarangi, G. Shiu, B. Shlaer Rapid Tunneling and Percolation in the Landscape
MAD-TH-07-10 0709.3299 [hep-th] M. Huang, G. Shiu, B. Underwood Multifield DBI Inflation and Non-Gaussianities
MAD-TH-07-11 0710.3883 [hep-th] T. W. Grimm Axion Inflation in Type II String Theory
MAD-TH-07-12 0712.2264 [hep-ph] P. McGuirk, G. Shiu, K. Zurek Phenomenology of Infrared Smooth Warped Extra Dimensions
MAD-TH-07-13 0712.1361 [hep-th] H.Y. Chen, D.H. Correa Comments on the Boundary Scattering Phase
MAD-TH-08-01 0801.3266 [hep-th] A. Hashimoto A Note on Spontaneously Broken Lorentz Invariance
MAD-TH-08-02 0801.3812 [hep-th] D. Dhokarh, S. Haque, and A. Hashimoto Melvin Twists of global AdS5 x S5 and its Non-Commutative Field Theory Dual
MAD-TH-08-03 0801.4354 [hep-th] S. Haque, and A. Hashimoto Microscopic Formulation of Puff Field Theory
MAD-TH-08-04 0802.2117 [hep-th] B. Underwood Brane Inflation is Attractive
MAD-TH-08-05 0803.3068 [hep-th] G. Shiu, G. Torroba, B. Underwood, M. Douglas Dynamics of Warped Flux Compactifications
MAD-TH-08-06 0805.3361 [hep-th] T.W. Grimm, A. Klemm U(1) Mediation of Flux Supersymmetry Breaking
MAD-TH-08-07 0806.2310 [hep-th] E. Bergshoeff, W. Chemissany, A. Ploegh, M. Trigiante and T. Van Riet Generating Geodesic Flows and Supergravity Solutions
MAD-TH-08-08 0806.2330 [hep-th] L. Everett, I.-W. Kim, P. Ouyang, K.M. Zurek Moduli Stabilization and Supersymmetry Breaking in Deflected Mirage Mediation
MAD-TH-08-09 0804.0592 [hep-ph] L. Everett, I.-W. Kim, P. Ouyang, K.M. Zurek Deflected Mirage Mediation: A Framework for Generalized Supersymmetry Breaking
MAD-TH-08-10 0807.1927 [hep-th] H.Y. Chen, J.O. Gong, G. Shiu Systematics of Multi-field Effects at the End of Warped Brane Inflation
MAD-TH-08-11 0807.2428 [hep-th] H.Y. Chen, P. Ouyang, G. Shiu On Supersymmetric D7-branes in the Warped Deformed Conifold
MAD-TH-08-12 0807.1500 [hep-th] A. Hashimoto and P. Ouyang Supergravity dual of Chern-Simons Yang-Mills theory with N=6,8 superconformal IR fixed point
MAD-TH-08-13 0810.5328 [hep-th] S. Haque, G. Shiu, B. Underwood, T. Van Riet Minimal Simple de Sitter Solutions
MAD-TH-08-14 0812.2247[hep-th] F. Marchesano, P. McGuirk, G. Shiu Open String Wavefunctions in Warped Compactifications
MAD-TH-08-15 0901.0267[hep-th] H.Y. Chen, L.Y. Hung, G. Shiu Inflation on an Open Racetrack
MAD-TH-08-16 0812.4649[hep-th] H.Y. Chen, J.O. Gong Towards a warped inflationary brane scanning
MAD-TH-09-01 0903.4841[hep-th] S. Haque and A. Hashimoto Positronium-like states in strongly coupled N=4 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory
MAD-TH-09-02 0905.4463[hep-th] H.Y. Chen, Y. Nakayama, G. Shiu On D3-brane Dynamics at Strong Warping
MAD-TH-09-03 1004.5441[hep-ph] Z. Dong, T. Han, M. Huang, G. Shiu Top Quark as a Window to Stringy Physics
MAD-TH-09-04 0905.3494[astro-ph] X. Chen, B. Hu, M. Huang, G. Shiu, Y. Wang Large Primordial Trispectra in General Single Field Inflation
MAD-TH-09-05 0906.2390[hep-th] O. Aharony, A. Hashimoto. S. Hirano, and P. Ouyang D-brane Charges in Gravitational Duals of 2+1 Dimensional Gauge Theories and Duality Cascades
MAD-TH-09-06 0907.2041[hep-th] U.H. Danielsson, S.S. Haque, G. Shiu, T. Van Riet Towards Classical de Sitter Solutions in String Theory
MAD-TH-09-07 0909.1296[hep-th] H.Y. Chen, K. Hashimoto, S. Matsura Towards a Holographic Model of Color-Flavor Locking Phase
MAD-TH-09-08 0910.4581[hep-th] P. McGuirk, G. Shiu, Y. Sumitomo Non-supersymmetric infrared perturbations to the warped deformed conifold
MAD-TH-09-09 0911.0019[hep-th] P. McGuirk, G. Shiu, Y. Sumitomo Holographic Gauge Mediaion via Strongly Coupled Messengers
MAD-TH-10-01 1004.0703[hep-th] H. Chen, N. Dorey, and K. Petunin Wall crossing and instantons in compactified gauge theory
MAD-TH-10-02 1004.0903[hep-th] A. Hashimoto, S. Hirano, and P. Ouyang Branes ad fluxes in special holonomy manifolds and cascading field theories
MAD-TH-10-03 1006.5957[hep-th] H. Chen and K. Petunin Notes on wall crossing and instantons in compactified gauge theory with matter
MAD-TH-10-04 1103.4858[hep-th] U.H. Danielsson, S.S. Haque, P. Koerber, G. Shiu, T. Van Riet, T. Wrase De Sitter hunting in a classical landscape
MAD-TH-10-05 1012.2759[hep-th] F. Marchesano, P. McGuirk, G. Shiu Chiral matter wavefunctions in warped compactifications
MAD-TH-10-06 1105.3472[hep-th] D. Mateos and D. Trancanelli The anisotropic N=4 super Yang-Mills plasma and its instabilities
MAD-TH-10-07 1011.2749[hep-th] D. Berenstein and D. Trancanelli Dynamical tachyons on fuzzy spheres
MAD-TH-10-08 1012.3392[astro-ph] A. Ashoorioon, G. Shiu A Note on Calm Excited States of Inflation
MAD-TH-10-09 1011.6388[hep-th] Andres Collinucci, Raffaele Savelli On Flux Quantization in F-theory
MAD-TH-10-10 1012.2118[astro-ph] D. Wohns, J. Xu, S.-H.H. Tye A Brachistochrone Approach to Reconstruct the Inflaton Potential
MAD-TH-11-01 1104.3021[hep-th] H. Chen, N. Dorey, T. Hollowood, and S. Lee A new 2d/4d Duality via Integrability
MAD-TH-11-02 1104.3517[hep-th] A. Hashimoto and P.Ouyang Quantization of charges and fluxes in warped Stenzel geometry
MAD-TH-11-03 1106.1637[hep-th] D. Mateos and D. Trancanelli Thermodynamics and instabilities of a strongly coupled anisotropic plasma
MAD-TH-11-04 1104.5469[hep-th] C. Asplund, D. Berenstein, and D. Trancanelli Evidence for fast thermalization in the BMN matrix model
MAD-TH-11-05 1105.3687[hep-th] A. Hashimoto Comments on domain walls in holographic duals of mass deformed conformal field theories
MAD-TH-11-06 1107.2925[hep-th] G. Shiu, Y. Sumitomo Stability Constraints on Classical de Sitter Vacua
MAD-TH-11-07 1108.0981[hep-th] G. Shiu, J. Xu Effective Field Theory and Decoupling in Multifield Inflation - An Illustrative Case Study
MAD-TH-11-08 1110.5075 [hep-th] P. McGuirk Hidden-sector current-current correlators in holographic gauge mediation
MAD-TH-11-09 1112.3350 [hep-th] E. Conde, J. Gaillard, C. Nunez, M. Piai, and A. V. Ramallo A tale of two cascades: Higgsing and Seiberg-duality cascades from type IIB string theory
MAD-TH-11-10 1112.3338 [hep-th] X. Chen, G. Shiu, S.-H.H. Tye, Y. Sumitomo A Global View on The Search for de-Sitter Vacua in (type IIA) String Theory
MAD-TH-11-11 1112.3346 [hep-th] E. Conde, J. Gaillard, C. Nunez, M. Piai, and A. V. Ramallo Towards the string dual of tumbling and cascading gauge theories
MAD-TH-12-01 1202.3696 [hep-th] M. Chernicoff, D. Fernandez, D. Mateos, D. Trancanelli Quark force in a strongly coupled anisotropic plasma
MAD-TH-12-02 1203.0561 [hep-th] M. Chernicoff, D. Fernandez, D. Mateos, D. Trancanelli Jet quenching in a strongly coupled anisotropic plasma
MAD-TH-12-03 1208.2672 [hep-th] M. Chernicoff, D. Fernandez, D. Mateos and D. Trancanelli Quarkonium dissociation by anisotropy
MAD-TH-12-04 1206.0754 [hep-th] P. McGuirk, G. Shiu, F. Ye Soft branes in supersymmetry-breaking backgrounds
MAD-TH-12-05 1206.6117 [astro-ph] N. Barnaby, J. Moxon, R. Namba, M. Peloso, G. Shiu, P. Zhou Gravity waves and non-Gaussian features from particle production in a sector gravitationally coupled to the inflaton
MAD-TH-12-06 1206.4719 [hep-th] R. Gopakumar, A. Hashimoto, I. Klebanov, S. Sachdev, K. Schoutens Strange Metlas in One Spatial Dimension
MAD-TH-12-07 1211.2199 [hep-th] L. Patino and D. Trancanelli Thermal Photon Production in a Strongly Coupled Anisotropic Plasma
MAD-TH-12-08 1211.2157 [hep-th] K. Schalm, G. Shiu, T. van der Aalst Consistency condition for inflation from (broken) conformal symmetry
MAD-TH-12-09 1212.4831 [hep-th] I. Garcia-Etxebarria, H. Hayashi, R. Savelli, G. Shiu On quantum Corrected Kahler potentials in F-theory
MAD-TH-12-10 1212.5178 [hep-th] U. Danielsson, G. Shiu, T. Van Riet, T. Wrase A note on obstinate tachyons in classical dS solutions
MAD-TH-13-01 1302.5471 [hep-th] G. Shiu, P. Soler, F. Ye Milli-Charged Dark Matter in Quantum Gravity and String Theory
MAD-TH-13-02 1303.2634 [hep-th] W. Cottrell, J Gaillard, and A. Hashimoto Gravity dual of dynamically broken supersymmetry
MAD-TH-13-03 1303.4973 [hep-th] M. Jackson and G. Shiu A Consistency Relation for Single-Field Inflation with Power Spectrum Oscaillations
MAD-TH-13-04 1305.7229 [hep-th] A. Barranco, J. Gaillard, N. T. Macpherson, C. Nunez and D. C. Thompson G-structures and Flavouring non-Abelian T-duality
MAD-TH-13-05 1401.5880 [hep-ph] W.-Z. Feng, G. Shiu, P. Soler, F. Ye St\"uckelberg Portal into Dark Sectors
MAD-TH-13-06 1401.5890 [hep-ph] W.-Z. Feng, G. Shiu, P. Soler, F. Ye Building a St\"uckelberg Portal
MAD-TH-13-07 1407.0019 [hep-th] D. Junghans, G. Shiu Brane Curvature Corrections to the $\mathcal{N}=1$ Type II/F-theory Effective Action
MAD-TH-13-08 1401.4402 [astro-ph.CO] J.-O. Gong, K. Schalm, G. Shiu Correlating correlation functions of primordial perturbations
MAD-TH-13-09 1306.4914 [hep-th] A. Ashoorioon, K. Dimopoulos, M.M. Sheikh-Jabbari, G. Shiu Reconciliation of High Energy Scale Models of Inflation with Planck
MAD-TH-13-10 1312.4945 [hep-th] J. Gaillard, N. T. Macpherson, C. Nunez and D. C. Thompson Dualising the Baryonic Branch: Dynamic SU(2) & confining backgrounds in IIA
MAD-TH-14-01 1404.3040 [hep-th] F. Marchesano, G. Shiu, A. Uranga F-term Axion Monodromy Inflation
MAD-TH-14-02 1403.6099 [hep-th] A. Ashoorioon, K. Dimopoulos, M.M. Sheikh-Jabbari, G. Shiu Non-Bunch-Davis Initial State Reconciles Chaotic Models with BICEP and Planck
MAD-TH-14-03 1404.5527 [hep-th] A. Hashimoto, P. Ouyang, M. Yamazaki Boundaries and Defects of N=4 SYM with 4 supercharges Part I: Boundary/Junction Conditions
MAD-TH-14-04 14mm.nnnn [hep-th] A. Hashimoto, P. Ouyang, M. Yamazaki Boundaries and Defects of N=4 SYM with 4 supercharges Part II: Brane Constructions and 3d N=2 Field Theories
MAD-TH-14-05 1405.0346 [hep-th] S. Mukohyama, R. Namba, M. Peloso, G. Shiu Blue Tensor Spectrum from Particle Production during Inflation
MAD-TH-14-06 14mm.nnnn [hep-th] W. Cottrell, A. Hashimoto, M. Pillai Solitons on intersecting 3 branes
MAD-TH-14-07 14mm.nnnn [hep-th] W. Cottrell, A. Hashimoto, D. Pettengill, M. Pillai Solitons on intersecting 3 branes Part II: a Holographic Perspective
MAD-TH-14-08 1409.5516 [astro-ph.HE] Y.W. Yu, K.S. Cheng, G. Shiu and H. Tye Implications of fast radio bursts for superconducting cosmic strings
MAD-TH-14-09 1410.0685 [astro-ph.CO] L.C. Price, J. Frazer, J. Xu, H.V. Peiris and R. Easther MultiModeCode: An efficient numerical solver for multifield inflation
MAD-TH-14-10 1412.5601 [hep-th] H. Hidaka, T. Noumi, G. Shiu Effective Field Theory of Spacetime Symmetry Breaking
MAD-TH-14-11 1503.02965 [hep-th] G. Shiu, W. Staessens, F. Ye Large Field Inflation from Axion Mixing
MAD-TH-15-01 1503.01015 [hep-th] G. Shiu, W. Staessens, F. Ye Widening the Axion Window via Kinetic and St\"uckelberg Mixings
MAD-TH-15-02 1502.06949 [hep-th] W. Cottrell, A. Hashimoto, M. Pillai Comments on s-rule violating configurations in field theory
MAD-TH-15-03 1503.01780 [hep-ph] V.M. Lozano, M. Peiro, P. Soler Isospin Violating Dark Matter in Stueckelberg Portal Scenarios
MAD-TH-15-04 1503.04783 [hep-th] J. Brown, W. Cottrell, G. Shiu, P. Soler Fencing in the Swampland: Quantum Gravity Constraints on Large Field Inflation
MAD-TH-15-05 1504.00659[hep-th] J. Brown, W. Cottrell, G. Shiu, P. Soler On Axionic Field Ranges, Loopholes and the Weak Gravity Conjecture
MAD-TH-15-06 1509.04749[hep-th] W. Cottrell, J. Hanson, and A. Hashimoto Dynamics of N=4 supersymmetric field theories in 2+1 dimensions and their gravity dual
MAD-TH-15-07 1509.04750[hep-th] W. Cottrell, J. Hanson, A. Hashimoto, A. Loveridge, and D. Pettengill Intersecting D3-D3' system at finite temperature
MAD-TH-15-08 1512.08984[hep-ph] Y. Hamada, T. Noumi, S. Sun, G. Shiu An O(750) GeV Resonance and Inflation
MAD-TH-16-01 1603.03689[hep-th] J.O. Gong, M.S. Seo, G. Shiu Path integral for multi-field inflatio
MAD-TH-16-02 1602.04765[hep-th] W. Cottrell and A. Hashimoto Resolved gravity duals of N=4 quiver field theories in 2+1 dimensions
MAD-TH-16-03 1606.08438[hep-th] M. Montero, G. Shiu, P. Soler The Weak Gravity Conjecture in three dimensions
MAD-TH-16-04 1607.00037[hep-th] J. Brown, W. Cottrell, G. Shiu, P. Soler Tunneling in Axion Monodromy
MAD-TH-16-05 1610.01258[hep-th] H. Isono, T. Noumi, G. Shiu, S.S.C. Wong, S. Zhou Holographic non-Gaussianities in general single-field inflation
MAD-TH-16-06 1609.05028[hep-ph] Y. Hamada, R. Kitano Primordial Lepton Oscillations and Baryogenesis
MAD-TH-16-07 1611.06270[hep-th] W. Cottrell, G. Shiu, P. Soler Weak Gravity Conjecture and Extremal Black Holes
MAD-TH-16-08 1610.02586[hep-ph] Y. Hamada, S. Iso Baryon asymmetry from primordial black holes
MAD-TH-16-09 1610.05885[hep-th] Y. Hamada, H. Kawai, Y. Nakanishi and K.y. Oda Meaning of prescriptions I and II in Higgs inflation
MAD-TH-17-01 1702.06928[hep-th] Y. Hamada, M.S. Seo, G. Shiu Memory in de Sitter space and BMS-like supertranslations
MAD-TH-17-02 1703.09729[hep-th] A. Landete, F. Marchesano, G. Shiu, G. Zoccarato Flux Flattening in Axion Monodromy Inflation
MAD-TH-17-03 1704.08773[hep-th] Y. Hamada, M.S. Seo, G. Shiu Large Gauge Transformation and Little Group for Soft Photons
MAD-TH-17-04 1707.06326[hep-th] Y. Hamada, G. Shiu Weak Gravity Conjecture, Multiple Point Principle and the Standard Model Landscape
MAD-TH-17-05 1707.09841 [astro-ph.CO] J. Liu, Z.K. Guo, R.G. Cai, G. Shiu Gravitational Waves from Oscillons with Cuspy Potentials
MAD-TH-17-06 1710.04737[hep-th] J. Brown, A. Cole, W. Cottrell, G. Shiu Gravitational Decoupling and Picard-Lefschetz
MAD-TH-17-07 1802.04287[hep-th] S. Andriolo, D. Junghans, T. Noumi, G. Shiu A Tower Weak Graviy Conjecture from Infrared Consistency
MAD-TH-17-08 1807.00620[hep-th] G. Shiu, W. Staessens Strong Dynamics and Natural Inflation
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